Screw-hole plugs for 60cm
Tips for Installation
by Ankoku-jin
I highly recommend the screw-hole plugs if you're going to be photographing your doll. They are inexpensive and they add a more "finished" look to your doll. They do not affect the doll's mobility, although they do need to be removed if you want to replace any parts of your doll beyond the head or hands (say, adding a new soft bust or replacing a skeleton part).

However, I did find that installation was not without its quirks. Thus, this walkthrough!

What you will need:

- The instruction sheet that comes with the plugs (even though it's in Japanese)
- A nice sharp X-acto knife and a cutting pad

The instruction sheet has a handy map that, with a little pattern-matching, will tell you where the plugs go. To keep from getting confused, it's better to cut the plugs from the frame one at a time as you insert them. Cut them away with fine scissors or your X-acto, then carefully trim away any excess with your X-acto. VERY carefully, these things are tiny and the material is relatively soft. Then push them gently but firmly into place with your finger.

What goes where, anyway?

OK, hold the frame so that the half-moon pieces are all on the BOTTOM, with the bigger, longer half-moons on the bottom LEFT. We'll take the plugs from left to right, top row first:

WRISTS (smallest round flat plugs, x2): These went in without much problem, although I got a better fit after shaving a mold mark off the back of one.

SHOULDERS (mid-size round flat plugs, x2): These pop in easily and offer the biggest visual improvement. Just be careful trimming, as they are very visible.

ELBOWS (small round flat plugs, x4): I had no problem at all with these.

HIPS (big round plugs with a lip, x2): You'll have to move the butt-cheeks of your doll aside to get to these. ^~ On the bright side, if you make a cutting whoopsie, this area isn't very visible.

KNEES (long half-moons, x4): I had to trim some mold-marks off these, but not too bad. Just push them right in.

ANKLES (short half-moons, x4): I had a lot of trouble with these. I basically had to reduce their thickness by half to get them to go in. Shave some off the back (so that you're cutting off little half-moon shaped slices) until they fit without protruding.

You're done! No more embarrassing screw-holes!

But I need to get to the screws again!

Remove the covers by (carefully!) prying them up with an awl or the tip of an X-acto. However, it's nearly impossible to get them out unmarred, so you'll probably want new plugs if you have to do this.

Think that covers it all...... Feel free to ask any questions you might have!