Welcome to The Junky Spot!

The Junky Spot is the premier dealer of many brands of dolls including being the first US store to carry nearly the entire selection of Obitsu dolls, Dollzone's very first international dealer outside of China, Bobobie's first dealer in the United States, and Hujoo's first international dealer outside of Korea, just to name a few examples. We are often imitated not only in terms of the brands we carry, but also in the innovative exclusives that we have designed with our partner manufacturers.

If you have any questions about the products that we carry, or any technical support questions, please email us at info@junkyspot.com

There are some questions we will not respond to. These include requests for taking specific images of dolls (we would love to have the time to do this, but we simply do not.), restock/arrival dates on Bobobie dolls (specifically, as we do not have accurate ETAs for Bobobie until they actually have shipped.), and estimated postage costs (because you can add the items to the shopping cart to figure out shipping already!).

Inventory Information

While other stores appear to sometimes have items in stock before we do, most of the time these are preorder items that aren't really in stock. Unlike most other stores, JunkySpot is a Stocking Dealer...meaning that 95% of what you see on the website is actually IN STOCK and can ship immediately. We keep hearing horror stories of how customers will order dolls from "other" US shops and how it's taking 4-6 weeks or even longer to receive their dolls....that's because they aren't stocking the dolls, but don't let you know. With JunkySpot, we clearly mark [PREORDER] or [SPECIAL ORDER] on the dolls that are not in stock. Period.

You may inquire with us to check if an item in stock if you want to be 100% sure before putting in an order. We do NOT answer inquiries about quantities in stock however.

Ordering Information


We currently ONLY accept domestic payment via PAYPAL.

You can use your credit card through Paypal without needing to sign up for a paypal account if you do not want one.

We can only ship to the SHIPPING ADDRESS specified on your Paypal payment, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please check that the shipping address that you have on your paypal payment matches the shipping address you have input into our shopping cart. Non-matching address will result in your order being voided and refunded, and you will have to resubmit your order, causing a delay in your order being processed.


The Junky Spot processes orders nightly Sunday through Thursday, usually around 7pm, Pacific Standard Time. Orders placed after 7pm PST will usually be processed the following business night. For shipping quotes, please simply add the item to the shopping cart to calculate shipping rates.

Domestic USA Orders
For Domestic USA orders, we use the United States Postal Services (USPS) for most orders. Average delivery time from the time you submit an order is 2-4 business days.

For larger items, resin and vinyl dolls 40cm or taller, and Mr Super Clear and other pressurized volume items, we use UPS ground. UPS Ground can take up to 5 business days for your order to arrive.

UPS does not count Saturday and Sunday as business shipping days. So for example, an order placed on Monday before 8pm, if the payment clears immediately, would ship on Tuesday. 5 business days (depending on where you live) would fall on the falling Tuesday. Orders placed late Thursday or on Friday will ship on the following Monday (UPS does not pick up on Saturdays or Sundays) and would arrive (depending on where you live) on the following Monday.

If you are ordering a doll that is being shipped via UPS (ALL dolls over 29cm will be shipped via UPS for US Domestic Orders), UPS will send you an automated email with your tracking number. Please check your junk/spam email folders if you have not received this tracking number within 2 business days of your order.

If you have placed an order without a doll over 29cm, but WITH Mr Super Clear or other flammable liquids under pressure, it is shipped via UPS ground as well.

International Orders (Outside the USA)
For International Orders, the shopping cart will autocalculate for PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL MAIL. For MOST countries, Priority International Mail will take around 2 weeks and comes with electronic delivery confirmation.

We can also ship via EMS if needed, which costs more, however delivers in about 1 to 1.5 weeks and comes with tracking information.

Lastly, we can also ship via Airmail International. Airmail International does not come with tracking or delivery confirmation, and also averages 3-4 weeks or so, although there is no delivery guarantee time. This is because for Airmail, the post office waits until their outgoing Airmail bins are full before shipping. This is also why their website only shows "varies" for the estimated delivery times. We have had customers wait up to a month, and sometimes even longer, for their Airmail shipments to arrive. As an additional note, there are size and weight restrictions on Airmail, so we cannot offer it for dolls over 40cm or packages over 4 pounds in weight.

To ship via EMS or Airmail, please email us with a list of the items you are interested in for a quote. Priority International Mail is the most cost effectively yet secure method that takes all sizes and weights, which is why is it the default shipping method for the shopping cart.

We do not ship Mr Super Clear internationally for any reason.

As a last note, please do not email us with questions such as "How much would it cost for a doll to ship to my country?" We will need to know WHAT doll, and WHAT country you are in.


All sales are final. We will do exchanges only for the same item, if there is a defect by the manufacturer within 14 days of receipt of purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the fit of one of our items upon another one of our items, please email us before you order. However, we obviously cannot match a wig we sell to a doll that we do not sell for example, or know the skintone match between our dolls and other dolls that we do not carry.

And lastly, our orders going out have full priority over anything else. Because of our current order processing priorities, we do some times get quite a bit backed up on emails. We receive hundreds of emails every day, so sometimes it is not possible for us to respond to them all quickly, so please allow a few days for us to get back to you. If you have not gotten a response to an email question after a few days, please feel free to resend your email to us.