Limhwa dolls are beautiful, handmade, resin ball jointed dolls from Korea, created by the talented doll artist Ji-Youn Jung.
There are several differences between Limhwa dolls and other manufacturers' dolls that we carry that you should keep in mind when ordering Limhwa dolls.
These dolls do not come with sanded seams, and the surface of these handmade dolls can be a little uneven due to the characteristics of the resin. This is more evident on the tan skin versions due to the properties of the tan colored resin. Some marbling and dusting can occur. Also, some tooling marks can occur at the very top of the faceplate. Limhwa does not consider these as manufacturer defects and we will not replace or exchange models due to this reason. The style of the Limhwa dolls is much more organic than the other brands that we carry. Please keep in mind that Limhwa does NOT recommend sanding their dolls, due to possible color differences within the pigmented resin (especially in the Tan skintone). Lastly, color differences change from batch to batch, so the dolls may be a slighter darker or lighter skintone than in their images.

Additionally, when unpacking your Limhwa doll for the first time, be advised that the head system uses a faceplate which is held on with two small pegs and magnets. Please use caution when posing your doll's head where the chin may come into contact with the neck and shoulders, as too much pressure can dislodge the faceplate. However the faceplate system does allow for much greater ease in changing and repositioning eyes, and the faceplate does remain securely attached under regular circumstances.