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name: Spring Nymph ver 2

notes: The Spring Nymph is a lovely creation that needs a good home! She comes dress in a glittery green, flower shaped dress, adorned with pink ribbon, and green sandles. Her soft, wavy green hair has been waved by me using the "braid n' boil" technique, no gel or hair spray has been used. Her exotic face has been painted (for the second time!) with Liquitex Paints, and sealed. She also has painted nails and toenails. Her lips, nails, toenails, and makeup shimmer over the color.

name: Spring Nymph ver 1

name: Cecille ver 2

notes: Cecille is another Obitsu. This is the 2nd version of her. Sold on ebay.

name: Dai

notes: Daishiro
"Dai" is an Obitsu slim male body, w/ an Obitsu 02 (female) head. Hey... you know the rule of Bishounen... they're all a little feminine in their own way. Daishiro is being sold on ebay

name: Tifa

note: Advent Children - Tifa Lockhart
This one was a LOT of work... I painted her twice (let's not discuss what her face looked like the 1st time around...), and I made the entire outfit from scratch. I'm a novice seamstress... though, this didn't come out too bad =D. She sold on ebay for about $100.00

name: Chii

notes: Chobits - Chii
"Chiiiii??" Made from an Obitsu #4 head, and an Obitsu soft bust body, it's Chii from Chobits! She's wearing a Jenny school uniform. She sold on ebay for $67.00 Her "ears" are made of Sculpey clay. Actually, I made a second set that looked a lot better later on.

name: Ayu-chan

notes: Ayu-chan
Ayu was made from an Obitsu pale head, and a Volks "Customize Doll" body. She sold on ebay for $109.00

name: Kaede

notes: Kaede
Kaede is made from an Obitsu head w/ an Obitsu Glamourous Soft Bust body. Instead of selling her, I traded her w/ the woman who runs animedolls.com for a Jenny friend doll.

name: n/a

notes: Obitsu head 1
Random Obitsu head that I found in my drawer one day. It sold on ebay for about $30.00