name: n/a
body: Obitsu KF-233 body
head: Obitsu W-12-H12
eyes: blue
hair: bright red
notes: This is a doll commission that I did for Emory at The Junky Spot. She was a lot of fun to make! All of her costume is hand made, some of it hand sewn except for her stocking and boots. The stockings are azone, I think, and the boots are Volks WTG.
Commission Completed - September 10, 2005

name: n/a
body: n/a
head: Obitsu 60-011 60cm Eyehole Head
eyes: n/a
hair: n/a
notes: This is my first doll commission, as well as my first 60cm doll commission! It took me a while to finish because I wanted to get her just right. The owner wanted her to look gothy and seductive, but she came out a little more innocent than I expected. At any rate, for my first, I think she came out well. ^_^ As you can see, she's has a bit of a lazy-eye due to the fact that the only doll eyes I have are too big for the head!
Commission Completed - August 18, 2005

name: Ulala
body: Obitsu KF-233 body
head: Obitsu W-12 head, hand rooted
eyes: grey-blue and brown
hair: strawberry pink
notes: She's wearing a handmade lolita-style yukata with matching legwarmers, polka dotted red obi, and handmade wooden sandals.
SOLD - August 07, 2005