email: rainwatercat@mchsi.com
website: NeoTokyo

notes: his one has real pockets on both sides (lined with the closest white fabric i had which was flannel ). with the big rush of boys now, these pants could probably be used for either.

notes: The following outfit was commissioned by Emory at The Junky Spot for a display piece to bring to an anime convention. Working with the first two pictures, Rainwatercat created the entire outfit, including the boots and gloves in 60cm scale.

notes: mid 70's in northern illinois is unheard of in november, but here we are...enjoying awesome weather yesterday and today. thinking about the thread in the general discussion area about inspirations, i guess the weather is an inspiration as well. when it's gorgeous out, i tend to make outfits that (if i had the body to pull it off) i would wear. today screamed this........

notes: Rainwatercat makes customs quilts and pillows for both 60cm and 27cm scale dolls as well!