Celestial Dolls
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website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ObitsuOnly/

notes: The outfit is made from black shiney pleather fabric and is lined in a white cotton fabric that has tiny silver dots on it. It is accented with red thread in decorative stitches. Buckles and chain looking trim are added for neat accents as well. I line everything in white cotton so that it would not stain your lovely dolls.

The black pleather bodice is lined in white cotton and features a strapless V neckline. It also has a stabilizer inside to help keep the shape. It is accented with red decorative stitches. The bodice has a snap enclosure in back.

The skirt is black pleather lined in white cotton. It features a built in concealed panty that does not interfer with the smooth look of the outfit. It has red decorative stitches for more detailing. The skirt has a long center and back piece that stop at the knee on my Obitsu doll. The front panel has two silver crosses attached. It has buckles on each side at the hip and silver fabric trim swags that resemble chains in front and back. The skirt has a side eyehook enclosure and a snap enclosure. The thigh hi stockings are black and made from new human hose. They are hemmed at the top and come to the thigh on the Obitsu doll.

There are black pleather arm bands with red decorative stitches for accent. I do not know if these arm bands will fit your doll. The Obitsu dolls have a great feature that allows one to remove the arms when putting clothing on and that is how I designed the arm bands.

There are little fingerless gloves made from the same fabric as the hose. They are not hemmed or anything so I will include an extra pair because they are delicate. A great cute feature though as it gives her a tough look!!

Included is a ball and chain necklace with a silver crown charm.